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CSM LLC provides a complete array of sales and marketing consulting services. Whether its a strategic sales plan or a pitch to a big box retailer, CSM LLC has you covered.  We are a full service company that can lead either a startup or an established manufacturer through all aspects of the product pipeline: sales, marketing, production planning, printer selection, business plan review, product design, online development, and packaging for specific channels. Our hard-won experience saves you time, effort, and most of all the costs that could halt your vision or product line from ever reaching the market.


CSM LLC feels that we offer a unique and highly desirable portfolio of services, and that our integrated services model delivers value at every link in the chain. Based on our extensive experience, the sum of the whole truly is greater than its component parts, and that simple fact is perhaps our greatest competitive advantage.

In addition to our basic service portfolio, our multi-level services offer our clients the ability to eliminate the need for multiple service providers and layered or hidden fees. CSM LLC is a one-stop shop that can satisfy all of our clients’ diverse sales, marketing, and operational needs.

We have organized our services into several specific areas and provide thorough and knowledgeable counsel in each of them. We have the scope and breadth of experience to cover and address almost any eventuality, including:

‣    Sales Planning, Execution, and Fulfillment

‣    New Product Concept & Development

‣    New Product Feasibility Studies

‣    Marketing Planning and Financial Analysis

‣    Existing Product Analysis & Overview

‣    Existing Product Expansion

‣    Product Rebranding and Relaunch Planning

‣    Marketing, PR & Outreach Analysis

‣    Brainstorming & QA Support

Our approach to problem-solving is organized, detail-minded, creative, and profit-focused. As a full-scale consulting business to entertainment and creative companies worldwide, our service offerings provide turnkey solutions to a wide variety of problems such businesses face every day.

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